USolids/VecGeom library goals

Development of a common library of geometrical representations of the detector elements for solid 3D modeling

  • Used in detector simulation: “solids”
  • Include high precision and efficient algorithms and functions for dealing with tracking and navigation techniques
  • Provide tools for computing area and cubic volume of a shape o Include hooks for graphical representation and object persistency

Optimize and guarantee better long-term maintenance

  • A rough estimation indicates that about 70-80% of code investment for the geometry modeler concerns solids
  • Most of the maintenance effort and debugging is on solids, to guarantee the required precision and efficiency in a huge variety of combinations

Target to create a unique library of high quality implementation

  • Starting from what exists today in Geant4 and Root
  • Adopt a single type for each shape
  • Review algorithms for vectorisation using SIMD instructions, template specializations and vector signatures from the VecGeom package

Converge on a unique description and interface

  • Allowing to reach also a common persistency GDML schema for solids

Optimize, extend and rationalize the testing suite

Code repository


Old USolids Library Guide