Alignment Subtask

The efficient and accurate measurement of trajectories of charged particles is crucial to the performance of  high energy physics experiments. Precise track reconstruction is needed for the determination of a wide range of physical properties, including particle identification, reconstruction of primary vertices and precise determination of invariant masses and momenta. The reconstruction of the particle’s path through space can only be successfully executed, if the positions of the detector elements in space is known to an accuracy higher than the intrinsic resolution of the detector.

The primary AIDA deliverable is a software package called BACH (Basic Alignment and reconstruction CHain). It performs a full reconstruction chain for a telescope-detector: simulation, clustering, pattern recognition, track fitting and alignment. The alignment software has been utilised for support of the AIDA Timepix telescope.

Deevelopment work on the alignment of the vertex detector of the LHCb experiment aiming to monitor the alignment quality and study weak modes has also been performed.