Geometry Toolkit

The main goal of this task is to develop a coherent set of software tools for the description of HEP detectors from a single source of information and to provide appropriate and consistent views to the simulation, reconstruction and analysis of data applications. This detector description includes the geometry and materials information, the detection techniques, the alignment and calibration, the readout structures, the conditions data, etc. The aim is to reuse existing software components (e.g. Geant4 and ROOT geometry packages) and to complete the toolkit with the missing elements in order to achieve an overall consistent set of tools.
One of the sub-tasks that were identified quite early in the project execution was to develop a common library of 3D geometrical primitives (USolids) taking the best implementation for each shape, and later modify the Geant4 and ROOT to use this common library. By doing this we will improve the existing packages and minimize the long-term maintenance effort. The second sub-task has been to build a prototype of the Detector Description toolkit (DD4hep)  in view to test some of the ideas before writing the design documents hat are due at this time.