Particle Flow Toolkit Subtask

Particle flow reconstruction techniques have been applied in a number of areas in particle physics and form the core of the detector design effort for a linear collider (LC).
PandoraPFA represents the state-of-the-art linear collider particle flow reconstruction software. At the start of the AIDA project this software was tied to a specific reconstruction framework and was geared towards the LC.
The PandoraPFA software was redesigned from scratch taking advantage of modern computing techniques. The new design provides APIs to access the functionality of the PandoraPFA framework and an XML based algorithm steering.
As a use case, the core of the new framework was written and the existing functionality of the LC algorithms were run in the prototype of the new framework and used for the physics studies as part of the CLIC CDR.
Following this successful proof of concept, work has recently begun on the implementation of the generic aspects of the new design which will enable PandoraPFA to develop into a general particle flow reconstruction framework.