This is the web site for developers of the AIDA WP2 common software packages. This site is used to document the software process and the source code that will be delivered  for the execution of the project. The description of the tasks can be found here. The presentations at the AIDA workshop 2010 give more detais on the current program of work.

AIDA Final Meeting, December 9-11 2014, CERN

AIDA 2nd Annual Meeting, 10-12 April 2013, Frascati

WP2 Activities Update - AIDA Steering Meeting (1/3/2013)

AIDA 1st Annual Meeting, 28-30 March 2012, DESY

WP2 Meeting at CERN October 27th 2011

Face to Face meeting of the Common Software work package of the AIDA project at CERN. The agenda is available at

AIDAsoft web is now operational

The AIDA WP2 web for developers is now operational. Any member of the WP2 can add content to the web. Ask for an account.

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